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"Kurt and Christy did an amazing job in helping me sell my house. Kurt guided me throughout the entire selling process by explaining to me all of my options and answering all of my questions. His communication was excellent and I always felt well informed during the entire process. In addition, Christy did a wonderful job in helping me stage my home and with her wonderful photography. I was so impressed by Kurt and Christy that I recommended them to two of my friends that also listed with them shortly after I sold my home. I would highly recommend them. " Stacy ~ 2013


''Kurt was wonderful and exactly what we were looking for in a Realtor as first time home buyers. He listened to our wants/needs and found us the perfect house. It was literally the first one he showed us! Kurt is knowledgeable in the Twin Cities market and takes the time to get to know you and what you're looking for.'' Danny & Anastasia 2013


''Kurt brought me an unsolicited opportunity to sell my home in Savage, Minnesota, which turned out to be wonderful for me. His knowledge of the marketplace, and his staff's expertise, was immensely helpful to complete a transaction that was not a part of my plans. Great effort.'' Jerry - 2013


''Kurt is a great realtor! I would highly recommend him. He really looked out for our best interests as buyers and is very intuned to market conditions. Both he and Christy are a great team, making sure that even the smallest details were covered right until the end. I can not say enough positive things about Kurt or Christy''~2012


''Kurt worked very hard for us and was knowledgeable through the entire process. We appreciated his honesty and work ethic and would highly recommend him to all of our friends and family.'' ~ 2012


''Kurt is very thorough in every process of home buying and selling. His knowledge of the real estate market is impressive and comforting during such a usually stressful time. He takes any guesswork and stress out of the equation and has all the answers before you can even ask. Most importantly you can tell he's a real genuine person who cares about his clients more than himself. I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling in a heartbeat!'~ 2012


"Simply put - Kurt Rocks! He is energetic, passionate, and caring. He will always think and do what is best for you. I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.'' ~ 2012


''We were out of town buyers, so therefoe relied heavily on information about listings from Kurt. He screened many properties for us, narrowed down the choices based on our needs and arranged for those viewings in one weekend visit. That was so efficient for us and we were able to make an offer and get acceptance in that same weekend.'' ~ 2012


''Kurt is a delight to work with. He balances being on the ball, responsive and knowledgeable with being laid back and very non-pressured. As we worked together to sell my home and buy a new one many dilemmas occurred during the process. Both the sale of my home and the purchase of my new one had many rocky moments. His prompt attention to problems as they arose really helped us get through difficult buyers and a very reluctant seller.The most special thing he did as I became ready to make a purchase was to right a letter about who I was as a buyer, how much I loved the style of the home that had been built and lived in for almost 50 years and was almost too painful for the seller to let go of.  When it got down to the nitty gritty other offers were being placed on "my" home and my stomach sank to the floor. My offer became the accepted one and we learned that it was in part because the seller felt I would be a good fit for the home and that it was Kurt's letter that had helped them select me. I plan on staying here until I am wheeled out, but if selling it ever happened I will be looking Kurt up again.'' ~ Peggy 2012


Christy, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did.  It was such a pleasure working with you, you were certainly the bright spot in the whole ordeal!” Beth S. 2005


“Seriously, thanks for the great job in selling our home.    The process was truly painless.    I asked you to sell our home because I knew you were hard working, trustworthy, conscientious and committed from our prior work experiences at PWC.    You certainly have not lost any of those traits as a realtor.  Jeff & Kim 2006


We met Kurt) in Farmington at an open house and you continued to be that same respectful person through out the process of our purchase. I first give credit to your parents for what they have instilled with in you and the morale you carry to this day. Second your beautiful wife and son whom you have put first, because with out the support of family you have nothing. Third the passion for your work in ensuring that people you serve get nothing less then perfect.  I tell you at times you scared me I could not believe how real you where with people and not looking at the dollar signs in their eyes. I tell you with all honesty if a person doesn’t choose you as their realtor then they are missing out on an opportunity of a life time of “Honesty “.  - Gino

“Kurt was a very professional, down to earth realtor who was great to work with in the home buying process.  As we were first time homebuyers, he provided excellent insight into the ins and outs of the process, as well as provided us guidance while also being low pressure and allowing us to make our own decisions and voice our preferences regarding our likes and dislikes, the type of house we were looking for, etc.   He took on much of the responsibility and communications required in the home buying process which allowed us as buyers to enjoy the process. Kurt also was and still is in contact with us during the offering and closing process and after we closed on the house, and has been very helpful in providing additional resources (contacts for inspector, carpet cleaners, etc.), which go far beyond his duties as a realtor.  This additional advice has proven very useful and invaluable in the home buying process. Finally, Kurt has gone above and beyond when it comes to ensuring we are satisfied with his service and the customer satisfaction he provides.  He strives to make the most of all situations for you and always puts your needs and desires at the forefront.  His customer service is second to none and we would recommend him to any of our friends and family looking to purchase or sell a home in the Twin Cities metro area. - Shawn & Shelly


 Thanks for your help you are an AWESOME REALTORS!!!!!  I wish we could have a baby just to move again and use you as our Realtor, you are that good!” :) Sol & Jessica 2005


 “Our experience with Christy in buying and selling our house was a joyous journey. She was very enthusiastic and patient throughout. Very informative and eager to explain us pros and cons. She understood our requirement very well and worked accordingly. When we finalized on our house, she worked on it within a matter of few hours.   While selling our house she was very encouraging and detail oriented. She held several open houses. She gave us very valuable tips for the house to look good. She was more like a friend and at the same time very professional at her work. She marketed the house very well. Totally we were happy that Christy was our agent in both buying and selling. We will be happy to refer her to all our friends.”  Vivek & Sandhya 2005


 “I was a first-time homebuyer and worked with Christy. She was wonderful to work with. Christy was there every step of the way, guiding me through the whole process, explaining everything to me when I didn’t understand. I felt confident throughout the whole process that Christy was looking out for my best interest and I trusted her to give me the most accurate information. Christy was a joy to work with and made my first home buying experience a very pleasant one. I look forward to working with Christy in the future.” Shelly S. 2004


 “Selling a home is a stressful process. A good realtor takes half of the burden off your shoulders. That is why we hired Kurt. Kurt made the whole process very easy and trouble free. He was always there to answer our questions and concerns. He always accommodated our needs and schedules. He kept us up to date with the progress, with regular meetings and by being always available to talk. He collected regular feedback from the buyers visiting the property, which helped us know what should be done to improve to sell. Kurt’s services were very professional and at the same time, he made the process joyful and convenient.  We are very much impressed by his  honesty and dedication. It was a pleasure working with Kurt and we will recommend him to anyone  Naveed & Huda 2005


What's also been said.. 

"Kurt has such a great, positive attitude that he is very easy to work with. ”

“Christy consistently demonstrates excellent customer service skills. She treats her customer requests with a sense of urgency and strives to get issues resolved as soon as possible”

“Kurt sincerely wishes to help you and will go the extra mile to do so!”

“Christy displayed a very professional, friendly attitude and always has a “can do” approach to all challenges/opportunities.  She definitely has established a sense of trust and rapport with those that she comes in contact with.”

“Kurt’s friendliness and openness made it so easy for me to work with him.  I knew we could count on him to go over questions that we might have had and he would get it answered right away”

“She clearly has a customer focus mentality which her customers greatly appreciate.”

“It would be great if everyone provided the same customer service that Kurt does.” 


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